Josh Gordon to be benched for 1st Quarter

Gordon is being punished for tardiness, soooo to turn this into a question… Is it wise to shop Gordon after this week? I’m a Gordon truther but the fact he’s showing up late gives me pause for concern. PS best of luck to Gordon and his mental health.

Only thing that worries me is the trade deadline. If Pats land a WR the the writing is on the wall before you can even shop Gordon.

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I think they really like Gordon and the effort he’s putting in over there. They also knew what they were getting when they acquired him so I personally don’t think there’s that much cause for concern. It’s clear the Pats want to use him. I’m pretty sure they want to land a WR1 to replace Hogan who will draw #1 CB coverage and Gordon will be able to run free on the defense.

Which makes no sense that Tate is in the discussion if that is the case.

They’re also looking at both Tate and Thomas… if one of them goes over, Gordon’s value goes down quite a bit. I’d shop him around.

*tootin my own horn… I traded Gordon and Devonta Freeman for Mixon this year… pretty stoked about it in the end.