Josh Gordon trade value?

So am a bit light a wr depth he is my wr3 who should I target I was Terrell Williams and Samuel or dj Moore or Godwin straight up what’s your thoughts

If I was on the other side of the trade I wouldn’t take any of those trades. All of those guys besides Samuel are most likely going to be more consistent and are going to be a WR1 or 2 on their team. Gordon is going to be the WR3 (if AB plays), and even then hes probably more like the WR4 because of James White and Burkhead. You can try it, I think you would win the trade, but I would be surprised if the other owner accepts.

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If ab goes on the exempt list what would you value it then as most of my league believe he will

Then these trades might be fair. I’m lower on Gordon than most, he’s too inconsistent for me, but there are a lot of people high on him because of his talent.