Josh Gordon Value? Should I take this?

I was offered Ertz and Cobb for Josh Gordon and Burton.

For reference my other WRs are OBJ, Theilen, John Brown, Lockett, and Mike Williams.

I like the upside of Gordon but I’m fairly set at WR and Ertz is a PPR monster with Wentz back.

It’s a full PPR keeper(3 keepers)

Who is your tight end?

Trey Burton

I think Burton will prove possibly better PPR machine and Gordon could prove top 15 WR now with Brady. I would sit for the moment

You can also make the trade and have a guaranteed top3 TE

I’m leaning toward taking it for the guarenteed top te since I have other TE options, but it will kill me to see my boy Gordon go off lol

I drafted Josh Gordon in the fifth round and I personally want to see him do great. But the idea of trading him now is getting wide receiver one value for him so even if he is great it’s not like you’re losing out on the trade and they’re still a significant probability of chance that he’s less than great and which you definitely come out as a clear winner, did you see my thread to see what I got for Josh Gordon? I had to make a package deal