Josh Gordon vs McCoy ROS

I’ve been proposed this trade in a full PPR league. I would be getting McCoy. I’m just not sure if my WR depth can take that kind of hit.

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Do not buy McCoy. That team is straight trash and with Josh Allen, he’s going to vulture most of the goal line / rushing TDs.

Stick with Gordon. He’s not doing much either but at least he has upside / potential. McCoy is a pit of despair.

agree w @MikeMeUpp it seems unlikely you’ll really want to play gordon or mccoy ROS unless either one of them starts breaking out. so, between those two, gordon clearly has more to be optimistic about in terms of a sudden break out. id keep gordon.

Ok. Thanks guys! I’m just not sure what to do with my stable of underperforming/mediocre

What about Gordon and Freeman for Hilton?