Josh Gordon was released

Y’all dropping him or stashing?

Wait and see what comes out before making a rash decision

I see that. But after everything that has happened with him. An injury is what gets him released from the team. That’s weird to me

We don’t know that. Maybe he failed another drug test, maybe Cleveland is just tired of dealing with him, we’ll have to see.

It’s weird…

Makes you wonder, half the league would probably give up a pick for him. I saw him last week warming up before the game and thought to myself, he looks like he’d rather be somewhere else. Having fought those type of demons in the early part of my life, I hope it is not what I suspect. I really do.

I was just telling my wife this morning what a beast he is when he is on his game. He could have been one of the greats.

I also have a strange feeling about this. Failed drug test was the first thing to come to my mind. The timing is just so unexpected. Hue Jackson had been hyping him up just earlier this week

I bet they are making room for Dez as a bonus

Trust issues

No part of me can honestly believe the Browns, the same browns, would drop him without it involving a league suspension for the year. Anyways who do we pick up?

Callaway will become interesting

also stated " he was acting strange"

Nobody will be Josh Gordon in fantasy. Calloway would be the pick up but I’m not going to bother. I have Gordon on my team for now. If nobody signs him within 2 weeks thats a very bad sign. I’m not holding my breath that he will be picked up, but I’m going to stash him for now.

As for who would sign him: 1. Colts, 2. Cowboys, 3. Seahawks, 4. 49ers, 5. Bills, 6. Dolphins, etc. There are plenty of teams who could use him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he went unsigned this season, perhaps at all for his career. I hope I’m wrong. As a person with experience in Mental Health in the field, I was really rooting for him and still am. But every team understands mental health by now. Its just a matter of who might take that risk.


I now have Gordon and Bell… f this

@moresending Pettis, Wallace, Benjamin, Boyd are available in my league as FA. All decent options. I like Pettis this week cause of the injury to Goodwin

Pettis is a sneaky start . Benjamin is the clear number 1 with a new rookie qb … man toss up ! I like gurappalo better so I say pettis !

Updates I have seen the past hour or so. The Colts would be the first team on the waiver wire order that would make a good landing spot for him. (Browns and Giants are ahead I believe) Ian Rappaport tweeted that Gordon could be traded and that teams are already interested. He said up to 5 teams were contacting the Browns. I feel so much more optimistic about this now, Gordon will most likely end up in a better fantasy situation…as long as he gets to meetings on time…

Jakebreakr - Damn, you have my sympathy, we’ll see what happens soon with Gordon. The wait for Bell’s future will take longer. Hope things work out for ya.

I think Higgins is the pickup if you need someone the next few weeks, callaway the better long term pick up

@nfalcon1 Doesn’t he have to pass a physical? Won’t being injured cause him to fail that?

He is a vested veteran. He doesn’t go to waivers. He is either traded or is UFA if released. He can go where he wants.

no waivers in this situation.

order does not matter