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Josh Gordon!


The ffballers talked him up so much, but they have him ranked 39?! Any ideas?


I think it’s hard to rank him high since he’s still somewhat unknown. I think he has a very high upside due to the volume we’ve seen but that’s also coming from a very small sample size. Since that sample is so small a floor for him can’t really be developed. He looked good for the one game so we have to hope he can look that good again. Against Green Bay I personally am playing him as my flex over some other good known plays just because I think he can produce if Kizer gets him the ball enough.


Which receivers are you willing to play him over in your lineup just for some reference?


I’m flexing him over Doug Baldwin for instance. I have Julio Jones and Antonio Brown in my WR1/2 slots who I would not play Gordon over obviously. He is in my flex slot in case tonight doesn’t go well for the high ceiling while I have some RBs in backup in case I just need that steady floor.


I’m starting Gordon over Diggs and D Lew as my flex. The way I see it, Gordon and Diggs are both boom/bust and I see Gordon as more valuable to his team especially since he’s the Hugh Jackson’s new toy. In my mind he offers the most upside.


I’m starting Gordon over Lewis in my flex, as well. JG had a tough matchup last week and still put up a respectable number. I think they’ll work him to death this week just to see what he can do.


Starting Gordon over Baldwin and Funchess …it’s all about matchups for me.