Josh Jacobs and Carlos Hyde for mccaffrey?

12 team standard league. I guess I don’t know what to value Hyde at. My current lineup is
Mike Evans
Allen Robinson

Bench: Lindsay, Boyd, sutton, pollard, hockenson, Marvin Jones and ito Smith.

Like I said I don’t really know what to value Hyde as, he’s a starting rb and has been producing but I feel like isn’t like a wow name to have trade value wise. But anyways what do y’all think about this? Fair trade or not giving up enough or too much? Any input helps, thanks!

You’re getting Christian McCaffrey for Jacobs and Hyde?

yeah I’d get mccaffrey in the scenario

I’d do it. You’ll have to shore up your depth via waivers or another trade.

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If someone is dumb enough to give up CMC for Hyde and Jacobs. RUN WITH THIS NOW