Josh Jacobs/Flex help!

So josh Jacobs May be a Gametime decision at 1:25 pm for my flex, who would you pivot to if he ends up not playing? Or would you play any of these guys over him? (I don’t think I would if Jacobs ends up playing)
Carlos Hyde (10 am game)
Golden Tate
Rashaad penny
Alexander mattison
Jacob hollister

I also have Chris Carson in my rb 2 slot so idk if it’s bad to start him and penny in my flex but hey maybe not they’ve both been producing. What do you think?

I would just start Carson to be safe

Carson is my rb2 already, the question was meant to be for my flex spot. Sorry 4 the confusion

Penny is a good option in ppr if u think Jacobs won’t play.

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Similar situation. Trying to decide if I should play Devonta Freeman in 15 minutes or drop someone and pick up whoever is availale for this afternoon/evening

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Started Freeman, looking like he will have a decent game so that’s good. But now If Jacobs does play to put him or Kupp in at the flex.