Josh Jacobs for CMC?

Sitting at 2-0, should I trade Josh Jacobs for CMC? 1/2 PPR other RBs include Miles Sanders and Kenyon Drake

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If you have the RB depth to trade away Jacobs and wait for RunCMC to get healthy.

I would try to make another small upgrade here
otherwise look at matchups both in NFL and league and just do it.

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@nbp288 @recespieces31 @bretmuel5 would you guys try doing CEH for CMC? If the trade went through I’d be left with Hunt James Robinson Josh Kelly and Bell till CMC was back

How are your WRs looking?

If you have weekly WR1/2 as your starters, I would attempt CEH for CMC. Hunt is a high-end RB2 bordering RB1 status right now and Robinson is a solid RB2 with RB1 upside if they utilize him more in the passing game.

The only concern is I have a feeling CMC will rush back early and those first couple of games he is back he will not perform well (like Kamara and Barkley did last year).

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@recespieces31 with CMC on IR would u feel a little better about him not coming back too early?

It tells us that Carolina at least is attempting to get CMC healthy and not rush him, but he will still be able to come back in 3 weeks even on IR.

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@recespieces31 would u still try that trade for CEH or would u rather keep CEH?

Since CEH had a meh week last week, I would see if he can bounce back this week.

The average fantasy player tends to base trades on the previous week’s performace of players, so if CEH does well week 3, I would offer the trade.

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@recespieces31 Would u try trading for Michael Thomas? I was looking to offer Robert Woods and Hollywood brown. If not Thomas would you offer those two players for Metcalf and David Johnson or am I giving too little in each trade?

Offering Woods and Brown for MT currently doesnt provide good short term value for you. I would see if you can add a mid-tier/low end RB2/WR 2 with MT. (Woods/Hollywood for MT/mid-tier/low end RB2/WR 2).

MT is in the same boat as CMC, we all know they will come back early and have a strong chance to not be good for a few weeks. If you have the depth to keep MT out for an extra week, if he comes back early I would attempt to get him.

Woods/Hollywood for Metcalf/D. Johnson is a good trade of similar value for both teams. Both Woods and Metcalf have good floors while providing WR1 upside. Hollywood is has a scarier floor but only due to the fact the Ravens will most likely always have a positive game script. Johnson will see lots of volume, but I believe most of his points this year will come from passing work due to Houston most likely being in negative game scripts.

Overall, if you have the WR depth to wait for Thomas try to get him for the above trade. If you need bodies now, the second trade is the way to go

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@recespieces31 Yea I was leaning the DK and DJ trade because I could stack him with Wilson. When it comes to starting trade talks do you have any advice on how you’d start the trade talk off? Would it be trying to convince him or tell him I see him struggling without MT and this is a way of us helping each other?

I would say “I think this is a fair trade that would benefit both of our teams. If you want to talk more, I am open for discussion.”

In my experience, most players like hearing trades are equal value or a slight edge in their favor.

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@recespieces31 Thanks for ur input! I really appreciate it

@recespieces31 also I got offered DJ for Woods straight up… is that any good or should I keep trying to negotiate?

If you have the depth to cover the loss of Woods, that is a good trade. Both are weekly 2’s in their category with possible 1 upside.

Keep in mind, though, DJ does play Pit this week, so temper expectations.

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@recespieces31 I’d be left with Evans Hollywood and Crowder I could drop L. Murray for another WR off of the waivers if needed

Not a bad plan. You can find value on the waiver.

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@recespieces31 I was also thinking of using my depth at RB after the trade if it goes through to try to upgrade possible a 2 of Hunt/DJ/Robinson for a RB1

I would consider that at 4-0 but not 2-0. You’re not gonna get CMC back for AT LEAST another 2 weeks, and then you don’t know if he’s going to be 100%. Barkley and Kamara both had high ankle sprains last year and it took several weeks for them to start looking like themselves again. I worry CMC will have the same problem.