Josh Jacobs for JJ and Gaskin?

.5 PPR

Trade Josh Jacobs for Justin Jefferson and Gaskin?

I’d have for my WR corp: Lockett, Higgins, Jefferson & Chark
RBs: Gaskin, and i would basically have to stream RBs (Hasty, Latavious) until Chubb and Mostert come back.

Do you think this is worth it? I’m 4-3 and in 5th place so not desperate. Trying to hold down the fort till those guys get healthy.

Def would appreciate any help! thanks!!

Yeah, make the trade.

Jacobs is only averaging like 2 more points a week than Gaskin

Trading an RB2 for a RB2 and a WR2? That’s a tight deal.

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I would take that deal. Jefferson has more upside then Higgins and Chark.

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