Josh Jacobs for Julio 🤔

I already have CMC, Cook, Carson, Breida, and Singletary at rb but I’m hurting at WR so I was wondering if I could flip Jacob’s for a stud Wr like Julio

DEFINETLY NOT, your gonna wanna shoot for a cooks or woods

No one would take that. You would have to give up at least Cook for a top 5 WR. Jacobs will probably only land you a WR2.

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I actually might. One of the people in our league roster is looking real bad

There’s no way that’s enough lol but hey, if you can get it done make it happen cap’n.

He is projected to lose by 40 this week

He has Tyreke so I was going to pair Jacob’s with Hardman for Julio

If he does that he isn’t good at fantasy and deserves to lose by more than 40 :rofl:


His team has fallen apart though. He drafted Melvin Gordon so his starting rbs are Michel and Jordan Howard rn

Hijacking a bit as I was JUST having this Jacobs - Julio conversation.
I don’t think a 1:1 would work, BUT how high would you have to bundle?

Team in my league that has Julio has David Johnson and Coleman at RB…so ONLY Johnson… There is a huge RB need for them (still think the 1:1 doesn’t work).

Is Jacobs and Green for Julio too high? (Julio owner also has Boyd)
Otherwise, I only have Anderson, Fuller, or Jones Jr. to bundle.

Depends on what wrs he has. I don’t think he/she will move Julio. The person in my league pretty much has given up already so the circumstances are little different

If Green was healthy sure. Green is injured indefinitely so not in my opinion. I wouldn’t take that trade.

@JoeSport it’s not enough, honestly. If he owns Boyd he’s already reaping the benefit of Green being out from a volume standpoint, and we don’t even have a real timetable for Green’s return. He’s just a name until we see him active.

But again if yoy can get it done, make it happen cap’n

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I just pulled off the trade. Gave up Jacob’s and Hardman

i was offered mike evans for josh jacobs staight up but i already have julio and adams and jacobs looks to be my strongest RB. I declined.

Probably the right decision

Who are ur other rbs

green is running some but his ankle is gonna be an issue to watch…