Josh Jacobs, Marlon Mack, or Tyler Lockett

Up until a couple weeks ago I had a hard time with this decision because they were all incredible. Now that it’s must win, they are all very risky. But I need to start one nonetheless. Jacobs might not play and is in the afternoon game. I would have to decide on Mack prior to knowing if Jacobs is in. Mack is best play on paper, but coming off injury and tough matchup. I could wait on Jacobs, and if he sits play Lockett instead on Sunday night.

Wait on Jacobs, but otherwise I’m going Mack.
Lockett decision sucks this week. I’m starting him over Robby Anderson.
Which is tearing me up but hey- he got me here.

If I wait on Jacobs, I can’t go Mack unfortunately. If I wait then I have to play Lockett if Jacobs out.

I’m going with not Jacobs today. The game is too late for me to risk him not playing at all so I’m going freeman and Lindsay instead