Josh Jacobs or Amari Cooper in Dynasty?

Who would you draft in a full ppr Startup? I’m concerned that Jacobs will lose passing down work to Richard and Bowden. Thank you in advance.

What are your other RB and WR?

I have Amari so maybe I am a little biased. I like the cowboys offense a lot more than the raiders offense, though.

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We haven’t started the draft yet, but I’m just looking at who will probably still be on the board with my second pick.

I would go RB with at least your first two picks and maybe even three depending on who is available when you make your third. So much more WR depth than RB especially since you will have this years WRs included.

Our rookie draft is separate from the non rookie draft, and it’s the reverse order of the non rookie draft.

I have 9th pick non rookie draft and 2nd pick in rookie draft, I was thinking of using that to my advantage with my draft strategy.

Don’t wrs have more value than rbs though in Dynasty? They last longer than rbs, especially the young stud wrs.

I see what you are doing. I like that strategy a lot.

So at rookie pick 2 you should get Taylor or Swift. Whichever one you want.

If you are picking 9th bon rookie you have 2nd pick in second round? Unless people go WR heavy in round 1 I think you can get someone better than Amari.

In dynasty, I still value RB more than WR even though their career is shorter. If you have someone you know is going to get 15-20 touches compared to 5-10, I think they are more valuable and have a better chance of putting up more points

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With that being said, you can’t ignore WR. For example, last year I went RB, RB, WR, RB, WR in our start up draft. We included rookies in the big draft though.

You also have to consider age too.

I value RB a little more but that might be the same for everyone. No matter the position, you need a good set of established vets and young guys with potential. That give you best chance to win now and in the future

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I could go Jeudy too with the 2nd pick in the rookie draft. Or CEH, If he’s there.

Which draft takes place first?

Non rookie

I bought the udk too, so I’m also using the footballers dynasty and rookie rankings

I’m looking at Hill, Godwin, Cook, as my potential first picks

like the guys always say, stay fluid with your draft strategy. Take The best value for your team.

I would be surprised if Cook is still there at 9. I would get an established RB1 with your first pick and then just go off value and team need from there on.

Picking at 2 in the rookie draft gives you a big advantage in flexibility. You can either fill a need you think you might have or trade back for more picks

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I personally love Josh Jacobs. I also used to be a big Cooper guy, but his inconsistency has killed several of my teams over the last 3 years. Dallas definitely has a better offense, but there’s also more mouths to feed. I think Jacobs floor is last year, and his passing work can only go up (although there’s a decent chance it will remain unchanged). I love consistency with my team, but Cooper will probably give you more blow-up games and likely has a longer career ahead of him

We finished our non rookie start up draft, here is my team:

Before the draft started I traded my non rookie 1.09 and rookie 1.02 for the non rookie 1.02 and rookie 2.02:

It’s a full ppr, 6 point passing tds, also full point for first downs, with other point moderations:

Lineup is 1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, one te, 2 flex

10 team league

Qbs: Josh Allen, Gardner Minshew, Ben Roethlisberger, Andy Dalton. I took Allen as my first qb, to pad some of my team’s rushing yards in case whoever I have as my rb2 in my lineup doesn’t have a good game.

Rbs: Saquon Barkley (had to have him, I’m a Giants fan and it’s Dynasty :blush:) Raheem Mostert, Mark Ingram, Tony Pollard, Damien Harris, Jalen Richard, Justice Hill, Wayne Gallman.

Wrs: Tyreek Hill, Odell Beckham Jr, Calvin Ridley, Terry McLaurin, Keenan Allen, Anthony Miller, Dede Westbrook, MVS, Riley Ridley

Tes: Mike Gesicki, Jonnu Smith, Dan Arnold, Jordan Thomas

How did I do?

For the rookie draft I have the 2.02, 2.09, 3.02 , 4.09, 5.02.

I’m trying to trade to get a first round rookie with the possibilty of trading McLaurin for the 1.04 or the 1.06, should I do it?

The person that has the 1.04 wants something attached with McLaurin for the 1.04, but he isn’t sure who he wants yet. Any suggestions on who to offer? He’s interested in Harris and Riley Ridley, I’d rather hold onto Harris between those 2.

If I get the 1.04 should I take a rb, or Jeudy or Lamb? I’m pretty keen on Jeudy.

Thanks everyone

I would see if he would take your 2021 first and a second rounder this year for the 1.04.

Your WR look good and so do your your RB. If you can get the 1.04 I would take a RB because that position is so scarce. Plus, you can always trade for another WR it’s harder to trade for RB

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With that being said there is a chance next years draft is deep as well. I wouldn’t give up McLaurin. He hasn’t shown any reason why he can’t succeed in the NFL

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