Josh Jacobs or Dante Pettis this week? 1/2PPR

Josh Jacobs or Dante Pettis this week?
12 team league
1/2 PPR

Josh Jacobs

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That’s what I think too but why does sit/start show unanimous votes for Pettis?

Jacobs. Not sure it’s close though Pettis is one of the few healthy 49er wr.

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I was surprised by the sit/start recommendation. Maybe they really like the matchup against TB

It’s a good match up but Pettis is probably, what 3rd best option at best? Jacobs will get more touches = more opportunity.

Jacobs. If you can’t you have unreal depth. But you drafted him to play almost every week. Stick to the plan until he let’s you down

Thanks guys. Sticking with Jacobs