Josh Jacobs or Davante parker

1 point ppr
I need more upside as Lamar Jackson already scored 42 points
Who would you start?

Tough call but I’d go Jacobs

Whatttt no way! Parker has way more upside. Clear starter over Jacobs this week.

Tough with the injury and volume concern for Jacobs but if you are against Lamar just stick with Jacobs for the higher ceiling. Good luck. (Glad I have Lamar in both of my semi finals, lol)

Def Parker, would be scared that Jacobs doesn’t play whole game

There’s no way Jacobs has a higher ceiling than devante Parker this week.

Agree to disagree… while both are plus matchups… Jacobs has topped 20+ points three times this year in my leagues scoring… while Parker… only once. Both have injury concerns (maybe Jacobs a tad more) but I am tossing that out the window if I need a chance at a ton of points I am going Jacobs here. Parker is the safe option though.

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I say jacobs as tough as it is to bench Parker

If all things equal I would play Jacobs. Unfortunately injury and late game in Oakland forces you to decide early so I would have to start Parker to prevent from getting screwed on a late inactive

Ditto. I can see where you are coming from. I just don’t trust Jacobs getting more points than Parker this week. I have both and am starting Parker in the flex. Goodluck, maybe we will be able to come back and have a laugh after the games today lol

(Parker barely crossed 20 points against the bills and put 34 up on the eagles. These happened within the last 4 games he played. 1 of which he still got 15.10 points and the other he got hurt.)

Just adding additional stats for anyone with the same question^

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My gut is to start Parker with Oakland’s 4pm start time and Jacobs injury concern.
I also like Parker in full ppr against a crappy giants secondary.
Thanks for everyone chiming in

Hopefully Oakland rules Jacobs out before the noon games if her isn’t going to play like they did last week. I was able to pick to Freeman at noon last week. But I am hoping and needing Jacobs to play and have a big week

Gotta be happy with that 23.20 point DeVante Parker experience :wink:


Hell ya, keeping me in the race in both my leagues

Not me! Got knocked out of 2/3 leagues. Made it to the championship in my 12 man league as the underdog.