Josh Jacobs or David Montgomery

I have first pick in our rookie draft this year. Josh Jacobs seems to be most wanted first pick, but I do love the up side of Montgomery. What are your thoughts with this tough decision?

My rookie draft ended up auto drafting Jacobs…had a bad connection while trying to draft at a company picnic…but I digress.

Jacobs has the clearest shot at the No. 1 role for now. Moppertunity has just that…a great opportunity to have a high potential. Though its looking better by the day I would still take Jacobs. All-in-all you could do well with either, but it comes down to your RB depth. If you need a starter/RB2 right now, it is definitely Jacobs. If you have good depth and can stand to wait, Moppertunity could shine for you once allowed to work.

If I’m 1.01, I’m taking Harry every single time. But if you really want to force an RB this year, I’m taking Jacobs.

I’m out on montgomery. Has the athletic profile of a crippled turtle. Got away with his style of running in college but he doesn’t have the requisite burst to be successful at the NFL level. Wouldn’t be shocked if him and Mike Davis were an even split.

@MikeMeUpp Can you sell me on Harry? In my draft, the same guy has 1.01 and 1.02; he’s made it very clear that he’s going Jacobs and Montgomery. I have the 1.03 but have been trying desperately to trade back because I’m not sold on Harry but I really want to be

My team (10 keeper) below:
RB: Kamara, Gordon, Guice, Connor, D. Williams
WR: Evans, T. Hill, K. Allen, M. Thomas, C. Kupp

Harry at 1.03 is robbery. Couple of points to make:

  1. In dynasty formats, the return on hitting on a top flight WR is just higher than RB cause of longevity. People who just draft based on positional need of RB are too nearsighted IMO.
  2. Harry checks off every single box in terms of quality of WRs that find success at the next level. Obviously you’ll still miss here or there but satisfies every criteria. The most important one being his breakout which is the high 90th percentiles given his breakout age of <19 years. Anyone who breaks out with under 19 years is important cause it shows that they dominated older and more experienced competition at a young age which usually means they will be able to transfer that over to the NFL. On top of that, i love his film. Was my 1.01 all the way from pre draft, to post draft.
  3. He landed in probably the best spot possible. Clear path to WR1 and great scheme fit for his skill set. If you watch him on film, he doesn’t win with separation, he wins with strength at the catch point which is exactly what pats need in redzone after losing gronk, and breaking off tacklers and being great in space to get yards after the catch which no one does better than the pats.
  4. Prototype athleticism for an X receiver. He smashed the combine in my eyes. I don’t rely on combine for much but its comforting when the numbers back up what you see on tape.
  5. The RB class this year is straight trash. Montgomery has the athleticism of a 1 legged duck. What he got away with in college he won’t be able to do in the NFL cause he simply doesn’t have enough burst. Sanders is going to bust, I am very low on him. He is only getting hyped cause he was the only RB of prototype size/weight that displayed any remote level of athleticism at the combine and cause his name is related to Barkley. If you watch him on film, he goes down on 1st contact like 99% of the time and is although is capable of catching passes, his <1YPRR is atrocious so is by no means a great pass catcher. Add his hamstring injury on top missing time training as a rookie, he’s my top pick to bust. So taking him at 1.03 would be atrocious.

harry at 1.03 is the best option. Take him and thank whoever has 1.02 for taking monty.


I appreciate everyone’s outlook. I should also say I am in a dynasty league with IDP, full contract and salary. my stock of receivers is stacked as well. I am making this pick off of need. I have no confidence in my RB’s. Jacobs is a part of the raiders is what concerns me. Bottom 5 in offensive line. May not make camp right away. Montgomery is a hit or miss. Thinking hard about Harry now.

Personally, I’m always taking BPA. Especially when the gap in talent between Harry and Monty/Sanders is so wide. I do like Jacobs but I think talent gap there is also wide and not to mention he’s on a worse team. You can always trade for positional needs later. But taking Jacobs over Harry I’m more okay with than taking guys like Monty or Sanders over him which I’ve seen happen way too frequently.

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If you were to combine the 2019 and 2020 classes, I don’t even think Sanders or Montgomery would crack the 1st round. That’s how bad this class of RBs is.

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Thats great insight and detail; thank you

David Monty all the way. Better Coach, Better Offense, Better Defense.

I agree on taking Harry if you don’t immediately need a workhorse back this season.
I think Singletary & Armstead offer a ton of upside if you’re willing to wait.
Armstead could be the RB1 there as early as mid-season, depending on what Fournette does.

Assume this is a joke? Let’s take a look.

Coach: Belichick / McDaniels > Nagy all day every day twice on sundays
Offense: Patriots finished 4th in scoring (27.7ppg) vs Bears at 10th (25.6 ppg). One led by the goat, one led by blake bortles 2.0. Pats 5th in rushing yards, bears 14th. Pats 5th in passing yards, bears are…20th. How are they a better offense again?
Defense: Bears win here, top 3 defense vs pats at 15th. But not sure why that matters. If anything, it’s better for harry cause mean more passing attempts.