Josh Jacobs trade I need help with!

I would give up Josh Jacobs, Sterling Shepard, Justin Jackson ( he has Ekeler).

I would get Todd Gurley and Malcom Brown.

Am I giving up to much or am I reaching?? Haven’t sent it out yet just want to make sure I should do it and see what side people fall on?? Anything helps!!!

Jacobs could be a stud, but injury/illness is clouding that. If you need to win now I think this makes sense.

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My record is 1-1

I think this is a little too much to give up. I really like Jacobs’ upside and an RB under gruden will always get work.

What scares me is when they were down a lot he got scripted out of the game. which i feel like will happen often. I believe he has had like 1 catch in the 2 games he’s played.

In my opinion, him being scripted out last week may have had more to do with him needing IVs of fluid as opposed to their plans for him. So I wouldn’t take that into account too much just yet

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Your right just nervous that he could be scripted out that why I figured if I can flip him for Gurley who is on the better team and is involved in the passing game I would. My only concern is the workload between him and brown but last week Gurley clearly out snapped him so I believe they may be just easing Gurley back in to a full workload to make sure his knee was responding well and so far its been fine.