Josh Reynolds coming thru!

LOL…grabbed him off WW last week for our P/O’s figuring they’ll prob go easy on Gurley, who I also have. LOL…in our full PPR…got 14 pts already. Granted…on my Bench…BUT…:rofl:

I picked him up as well and very happy he’s producing for me. He’s already had 1 TD and ALMOST had a 2nd one too, but his toe was like half-an-inch out of bounds haha

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They are abusing Orlando Scandrick so far. Expect this to continue until they make an adjustment.

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You playing him tonight? I just grabbed him to stash for P/O’s.

Should I pick him up over mvs. FYI I had Cupp before he got hurt to

Yeah I needed someone to play as my WR3 when Kupp went down with injury.

I would!!! And quick before somebody else does.

That’s EXACTLY why I grabbed him!!!

I started him as my 3rd WR in my 14 team league tonight. We don’t have flex 3 wr 2 rb and Im rb heavy.

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SMART MOVE!!! :grin:

16 pts PPR!!!