Josh rosen vs Lamar Jackson in dynasty

Who has the best immediate and long term values?

Immediate and long term value - Lamar Jackson is the pick for me.

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Right on. What about juju and Kerryon for Julio still in dynasty

Rosen for me man. He was my top rated QB coming into the draft though so maybe biased. Feels like the Lamar Jackson MV comps are getting way out of hand. I watched MV and Lamar. Although Lamar is an amazing player and was in college, he does not even reach MV levels. I think that is abundantly evident by the fact that he didn’t get drafted until the bottom of the 1st round and was passed on by 31 other teams, during a time where the league is more open than ever to dual threat QBs (Wilson, Cam, RGIII, etc.). There was only one Vick, his throw was insanely quick and powerful and Lamar isn’t really comparable. I’ll step away from the hype and take the value with the best pure passer of the class, Rosen who also has a clear path to starting within the next 1-2 years.

I think both have fantastic potential, Rosen finds himself on the more consistent end of potential. He will be solid, have some great years and be somewhere between a Brees’ish and Flacco’ish style QB.

If Lamar is allowed to play his natural game, he will be fantastic but i think he lands closer to Cams consistency over say 10-15 years

I like Rosen, but he’s just not capable of touching Lamar Jackson’s ceiling. I would take Lamar Jackson seven times a week and twice on weekends! He’s a world-class runner. He very well could put up RB2 rushing numbers, so his passing stats don’t need to be much above abysmal to outproduce Rosen.

As for Kerryon and JuJu for Julio – never! Julio could be Dez in a year or two. JuJu and Kerryon will be around for a decade. They’re both capable of being top 10 at their respective positions for years to come.

Not sure that statement is accurate. Not capable of touching his ceiling? Rosen is a criminally underrated passer and also throws great on the run. I’d say his chances of being Rogers are about as good as Lamar’s chances of being Vick, probably better. In fact, Lamar’s ceiling probably isn’t even Cam, although that’s not even disrespect to Cam who has been a generational talent and probably one of the top #1 picks ever.

Lamar Jackson is a better QB than Michael Vick. He’s a far better passer and has every bit the instincts as a runner. I love Rosen… I do. But he’ll have to put up such great passing numbers to compensate for what Lamar Jackson will gain on the ground. Even 50 yards rushing is an extra 125 yards Rosen will need through the air. That means Lamar can throw for 2,000 less yards on the season passing than Rosen and still equal his fantasy output. There will be games Lamar puts up near 50 points! No matter what Rosen does, he’s not touching that.

Guess it depends on how you do your scoring but most of my leagues are 6 point passing TD and more punishment for INT as well. Maybe in your traditional 4/1 scoring, I could see your point. But in the scoring formats I play in, actually don’t think it’s that hard for Rosen to close the gap down the road by just being a better pure passer with TD upside as well as yards.