JRob worth a 12th round keeper?

12 team league, 0.5ppr. Will already have Kamara as a 1st round keeper. It’s obviously a value but I don’t see much upside, could use that draft slot to take a high upside QB/RB/WR that could be a potential keeper next year. Thoughts? Second keeper is Herbert in 8th.

You’re asking if you should take Robinson instead of Kamara?

I don’t think Robinson disappears on Jaguars and at 12th round he is value. I’m not against drafting him at all - I think particularly early season when Etienne is being adjusted to the nfl he’ll be leaned on quite heavily by Jacksonville.

But even with that I’m taking the boring produces at advertised price guy Kamara. Don’t over think it in my opinion.

Sorry should have clarified, I can keep up to 3 keepers:

  1. Kamara (1st)
  2. Herbert (8th)

Third potential option would be JRob (12th).

In that case, yeah I think Robinson can be kept. I don’t think keeping him is that likely to win you a championship, but he is still a value. Who are your other options?

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I get what you’re saying about not keeping him to use the pick on a high upside player, but that’s what Robinson is, except we all know what he can do. Maybe he has flex value this year, maybe Etienne goes down and he’s a beast again. If he’s worth holding all season, maybe he gets traded and is another value keeper in a year.

Everyone at that point in the draft is a lottery ticket. At least Robinson has shown he can be a winning one.

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Appreciate the thoughts. Might be worth the hold and see then. Not many other decent keeper options (AJ Dillon, 8th round), since I traded some keepers to go for a championship (ended up winning which was great), and Akers was going to be my 7th round keeper :confused:

Yes, he’s worth a 12th round flyer. I would expect him to still have a decent workload and be the “starter” at the beginning of the season.

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