JT 5.08 or Ekeler 2.03 Keeper at VALUE?

After Wentz and QNelson I have no clue who to keep between these two.

My second Keeper is Gibson 10.10

Taylor at 5. Ekeler is terrific in ppr but Taylor even with a weakened line and qb is far too much to turn down in fifth.


Im worry there is no top 5 upside to JT and after keepers at the 101 Im taking either adams, kelce, or best rb which would be like ceh… eww

CEH I think will be a strong play this year. I think he just suffered from far too large expectation from fantasy community. But until Bell muddied up the Chiefs RB timeshare he was delivering quality production.

I think even in his situation of now Taylor still has the same top 5 upside of Ekeler. But with Gibson at tenth and Taylor in fifth you don’t necessarily need your RB’s to be top 5. Them producing to ADP expectations and you’re in a great position.

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It’s hard to speculate but try and see who your 1st 2nd and 5th round draft picks would be in those 2 scenarios. You can use Sleeper to mock and plug in players as keepers on yours and other teams. Even though I don’t personally like JT I’m keeping him.

I’m looking Kelce and WR/RB to pair with Gibson and Taylor in the 1st 2 rounds.

Do I take Adams 101?

Taking Adams 1.01 with Taylor and Gibson locked in is a fine plan. I would feel really good about that being my starting point in a draft.

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Keeping JT and Gibson Looks like
1 Adams
2 Dobbins/AJB
5 JT
10 Gibson

Keeping EKELER
5 Kupp-esk
10 Gibson

That was the plan till the QN and wentz news but Ill stick with it