Judge my team after (likely) 0-2 start

Barring a miracle, I’m more than likely staring 0-2 in the face after tonight.

I’m not quite tilting yet, because I still really like my team, just been catching some bad breaks. Facing a QB that’s in a shootout the first 2 weeks is directly responsible. (First Brees, then Ben).

All that being said, thoughts on my team? I have what I consider to be some valuable pieces… who could I try and target via trades? Who could I package and send out? Give me some feedback. 10 team, PPR league.

QB – Stafford, Wentz
RB – David Johnson, Mixon, T. Coleman, Drake, D. Lewis, Breida
WR – M. Thomas, D. Adams, D. Thomas, Golladay
TE – Burton, Engram
K and DEF stream

EDIT: Any bench pieces that could be bundled for a potential top-end end type player? Like a Drake, Lewis, Golladay for example?

Typically to get a top 6 player at a position you need to give higher end talent in return. If someone in your league will do a 3 for 1 take advantage because you are almost always going to win that if you’re receiving the one best player. Something like Drake and D. Thomas might be able to get a bottom end RB1 from someone however. Look for a team lacking depth and then RBs in the range of like Howard and Dalvin Cook would be good targets. With Cook specifically I might wait for more details on his injury, but RN it seems minor. If you prefer a WR, same thing just replace those back end RB1s with Back end WR1s that you like

I’d be fine if it were a tier 2 type player. I’m also fine standing pat because as I said I like my team. I just a) feel like I have a lot of good pieces going to waste on my bench and b) struggle with the “who to start” from a slew of startable players. So didn’t know if it was in my best interest to try and package some players to try and upgrade positions.

I definitely don’t think you need to move anyone. I think DJ should bounce back a bit, thankfully he doesn’t play the Rams every week. Mixon Drake and Coleman make a solid RB core and Thomas and Adams are playing really well. I’d probably stand pat.