Juicy trade

I am the owner of Kareem Hunt and was just offered Davante Adams & Lev for Hunt & DeSean Jackson. I also own Gurley and Conner… Should I take it?

Side note: I am also the owner of Julio and Diggs

I personally wouldn’t. I’m very down on Bell but high on Adams. I’d try to package Diggs and another RB for Adams and a crappier RB from this person.

i would take it for sure since you have Conner

If you can afford some losses I would make that trade. Adams has a very easy play off schedule compared to Hunt’s. Bell will be back by week 10 which isn’t far away and Conner is nothing close to Bell’s caliber so I really doubt it will be a committee there.

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7-0 so i think I’m gonna pull the trigger

I would definitely take that if I were you

I’d absolutely take this. Your team will be literally unstoppable with those 3 Wr’s and the comfort of Bell and Conner is equal to if not better than Hunt, to me. And DeSean Jackson is next to useless imo. It’s obviously tough to part with Hunt but i think this is the one type of trade that makes it sensible for you.

Where’d you hear he’ll be back week 10?

if he wants to be a free agent he needs to be back by then (or could be week 11, but week 11 the latest)