Juilo for Jordy?

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Just wanted to get some advice. I don’t have that much depth in WR. I have Juilo Jones and Alshon Jeffery as my WR 1&2 and DeSean Jackson and Corey Davis on my bench. None of them have been reliable. I received an offer to trade Jordy Nelson for Juilo Jones. Jones is just not getting the TDs. Patriots and Jets should have been two big games for Jones and if it wasn’t for that TD in garbage time against the Patriots he would have had a mediocre performance. How bad is Hundley? Should I do the trade?

No. Do not get rid of Julio for Jordy. Jordy does not have Aaron Rodgers. I will take my chance with Jones the rest of the season.

You could probably by Jordy with Alshon right now or Desean Jackson and a piece.

stick with julio he can only get better unlike jordy without arod

Still would not advise the Jordy for Alshon trade. He has a better chance of going of with Wentz playing well.

I would sincerely not advise to do this trade man. Listen, we know historically Julio is not a 10 touchdown guy. He’s a 4-6 touchdown guy and yes the falcons are playing like garbage. I think Julio is going to get those TD’s and we have only 4 weeks left till playoffs, the big games WILL come if you ask me. I would not want to put my stock in any Green Bay receive right now man, I would rather stick with the guy whose played with his QB for years and has PROVEN he can perform over the guy whose QB threw for 87 yards 2 weeks ago and look horrible.

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I agree I would not trade Julio for Jordy. There’s a better chance that Atlanta’s offense gets it together, than Brett Hundley produces like Aaron Rodgers.

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Don’t do it! I have Jordy and I’m afraid he is useless at this point