JuJu and Aaron Jones for Mark Ingram?

would you make this deal? I would be getting Ingram

No way. Jones and Ingram are a wash. GB has gone against some really good run D’s and their upcoming schedule is easy.

the other WRs I have are Thielen, Woods, McLaurin, Alshon

outside of week 2…Ingram put up 26pts in week 1 and 35pts in week 3 and Baltimore’s schedule is much nicer come playoff time.

Also I think LaFleur is completely incompetent when it come to managing RBs

Wouldn’t give up Juju for him, maybe if it were Alshon or McLauren but Juju has WR1 trade value still.

He has Djax already so Alshon wouldn’t work and I actually really like McLaurin ROS…I think I’m gunna offer up woods and see what happens lol…thanks for the input

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