JuJu and Breida for Keenan?

Guy offered me JuJu + Breida for my Keenan Allen and Ty Montgomery. He has Zeke, Conner, and Howard at RB and is looking to upgrade at WR.

Rest of my team:
RB: Kamara, Lynch, J. Williams, Foreman
WR: Tyreek, Larry Fitz, Stills, Lockett

I’ve been rejecting offers for Allen all week, but this is the best I’ve received so far. It’ s tempting as I think it improves my depth and JuJu should perform well ROS. I’m 1-3 (12 teams, 0.5ppr) at this point, and think this could be worth pulling the trigger. What do you all think?

PS - I’m playing this guy this week

I’d do this trade. Right now, I think Juju is better than Keenan ROS, and adding Breida helps your depth at RB. I say go for it

Fair trade. I like Keenan Allen better personally, but his injury history makes me lean towards accepting the trade. I see it as a lateral move for WR and upgrade for RB.