Juju and Carson trade help

Need some advice on a trade

I get:
Mack and tyreek

I give:

Other rb’s: freeman, coleman, singletary
Wr’s: Julio, hardmon, samuels, Anderson

Bump, just trying to see who wins this or if it’s fair

i don’t like this trade for you. you’re giving up a stud workhorse rb and selling low on your best wr who should theoretically bounce back for a game dependent ground game brusier who doesn’t receive any pass game work and a currently hurt player.

the only way i’d consider this trade if i were you is if you’re 3-1, ideally 4-0 and are playing in a standard scoring league.

Thanks for the advice, I’m currently 2-2 and probably going to go 2-3 this week as my opponent had Wilson Hurley and locket last night