Juju and Lesean for Kupp

I get Cooper Kupp
For juju and lesean.

Should i accept that? I already have

James White
Oj Howard
Golden Tate

Lesean on my bench.

I would keep juju and mccoy. Looks like kupp is missing next week per what mcvay had to say, and juju has his bye next week - and although similar fantasy players when healthy, I think I’d rather keep juju in a vacuum. Also, mccoy - probably not gonna get traded, but you may need him one game so don’t rush to throw him away.

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Agree 100%
Cooper Kupp will likely not play next week after suffering what looked to be a bad knee/ankle injury on horse collar tackle. Thankfully he isn’t out for the season, but is likely to miss time…

Keep JuJu and McCoy…

I don’t think it makes sense. If you were trading the other 2 for for JuJu then I’d consider that, but this is really just a lateral WR move (best case scenario assuming Kupp continues his current production) and losing a startable RB (despite how bad Buffalo has looked at points this year). I think it’s just too much to give up for Kupp

No chance I would accept that. JuJu is just fine and mccoy is still up in the air. Kupp is out for a couple weeks.