JuJu/David Johnson for Lamar?

I would get JuJu and David Johnson for Lamar. Leaves me with Watson and Dak at QB (yes, I know I have 3 QB’s! That’s why I can trade Lamar! Don’t judge me! LOL)

Regardless of who I have left at QB, I need help at RB more than WR as my RB starters are Carson and Chubb with Gore on my bench.

Well I feel like you could most likely get a lot more for Lamar, but with that said I’m not in your league and don’t know what the teams that do need a QB players look like. Juju I would definitely be concerned about just because of his production. He saved last week with one big catch and on top of that he has had a pretty poor amount of targets(this could change). David Johnson on the other hand is high volume, so its good vibes there, just a few health issues but you take that risk with everyone. Overall shop one of those QBs around before accepting this. Thats my thoughts

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Getting a top 10 RB and a top 15 WR for a QB? Sounds like an outstanding deal for you, especially with your depth at QB

Wait… so you’re getting DJ & JuJu for Lamar Jackson? With your other QBs being Watson & Dak… this is an immediate accept for me.

I wish I was in a league where guys would give you two guys of that caliber for a QB lol

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All I can suggest is that you shop lamar around do not get into the hype of juju’s name. Look at the numbers and that offense and if this keeps up he wont be a top 15 wr. You can get more is all Im saying. You own 3 of the top QB’s someone wants one. Trust me

This is a really weird take to me. I mean hey you could end up being right, but I don’t really agree with that. The 3 QBs mentioned have been great no doubt, but I think you’re overvaluing what you should be able to get in trades for a QB, at least in any league that I’ve ever seen. They say it on the podcast all the time, every year there’s 40+ QBs that will have QB1 weeks. You can find a replacement much easier than you can at the skill positions.

I think you’re off base on Juju too. Sure, the long TD reception saved his week but he’s really always been a big play guy. I think he’s been really consistent through 3 weeks & I disagree that he’s getting a poor amount of targets. He’s on pace for 123 targets on the year, which sure is down from last year with Big Ben, but that would’ve still put him in the top 20 last year. Through 3 games he’s on pace for 85 receptions & 1,300 yards. I think if I told you he’d give you that before the year you would take that in a heartbeat. The only thing that’s limiting Juju’s ceiling this year is that I don’t think he’ll find the endzone as much in this current offense. I think that’s what should keep him from the top 12, but I don’t think he’s far off from being top 15. Of course is Rudolph is just a complete dumpster fire that’ll change, but through 3 games this year I’m not ready to write him off.

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I don’t trust JuJu or DJ that much. I try offering Watson instead I know this podcast bashes QBs regularly but Lamar doesn’t travel outside of the eastern time zone for the rest of the season and has a great consistency (coaches, offensive weapons) from last year. I’d just go for more than two inconsistent skill players for Lamar, Steelers D should limit game script for juju and same for DJ