JuJu for Adams

What are the opinions on these two guys RoS? JuJu has a backup but Adams is also in a new offense that doesn’t feed him like before. I have JuJu and was wondering if offering him plus Hardman or Singletary for Adams would be a good deal. Any opinions on this?

Juju should still be low WR1 high WR2. Rudolph is just getting his reps in. The rapport will improve and Juju will be taking more snap in the slot where he thrived last year.

Adams will probably end up in the same range if not a little higher. Last year the entire GB offense was drop back and throw to Adams which was why he had the breakout. This year they have a more balanced approach and MVS has taken a step up.

I’m fine with either side of this trade but as a Juju owner, I’m not tilting yet. With Tyreek coming back, Mecole could be a good package if you wanted to do this. Keep Singletary.

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Thank you!