Juju for Baldwin

I told my league I was willing to give up Baldwin. The best offer i have received is for Juju. Should I take it?

I’d rather have Baldwin

That’s not a bad trade. Especially with the Bell holdout looking like 10 weeks. Lot of those receptions go JuJu’s way.

Personally, I’d rather have Baldwin by a smidge but that’s not an unreasonable offer tbh.

I’m on the Baldwin side, as well.

I may be wrong for it but i worry about baldwin’s knee situation. afraid of losing him early in the season and getting little to no value. I know that can happen to any player but I feel like the odds are stacked against baldwin this season

Sure it’s a risk, but there’s also a decent chance he just plays through it. But like I said, it’s a fair deal. So if it’s something you’re worried about, nothing wrong with taking juju.