JuJu for Chubb? 1/2 PPR

JuJu for Chubb? 1/2 PPR

Pretty stacked at WR: Thielen, Adams, JuJu, Jarvis
Pretty not-stacked at RB: white, powell, mack

Would rather have JuJu than Jarvis tbh. See if they’d go for Jarvis.

I wouldn’t want Jarvis and Chubb on the same team. I know the Browns are improved and all that hype but I would much rather get rid of Jarvis for Chubb if the other owner will go for it.

If not, then based off of your current RB Chubb is a much needed asset and would ultimately do . Juju for Chubb. Wouldn’t be overly pumped about it but it is kind of a necessary evil in order for you to bolster you RB a little.

Yeah, I offered Mack + Jarvis - we’ll see what happens. If not, I’ll counter with Juju straight up.

I was a Bell and Henry drafter btw lol RB position has been tough sledding all year.

I think you deserve a lot more proven value for Juju, regardless of Chubb’s high theoretical value. Juju for Sony or like Mark Ingram straight up is a pretty even trade imo, to give you a benchmark on my view.


Yeah you’re right. Juju is a PPR machine - I’ll try to bag a solid RB2 with RB1 upside and see what happens.

Sounds reasonable. You’re set up great at WR so you have some definite flexibility to take a calculated risk on a high upside/newish guy, but as you said, Juju is a PPR machine, so Chubb doesn’t quite fit the bill yet for me. What if you did like Landry for Tevin Coleman?

On that note make sure you grab Ito Smith if he’s still floating around.

Yeah I like that - I’ll make a move for Coleman; Ito got snagged already.

Think that’s a good call.