JuJu for Connor? Dynasty Trade

I was offered a trade in dynasty. I would send JuJu and get back james connor. I feel as though my running backs are stronger than my wrs but hes been top 5 this year and leveon bell will for sure be out of the way next year. Thoughts?

What’s your season look like? Are you looking to win now? If so Juju will help you do that more than conner will, unless bell gets traded before the deadline, which is unlikely. I just traded McCaffery for Conner and Ridley because I’m 1-5 so this season doesn’t matter to me. What does the rest of your roster look like?

2-4 so far with a lot under performing players, I have guice, cook, royce Freeman, and odell so I could come back strong next year but this year looks like a wash as of now

What about the rest of your WRs?

Corey Davis, Robby Anderson, keelan Cole, allen hurns, and Taiwan taylor.

Tough call. You don’t really have a true RB1 and Conner could definitely fit the bill IF bell is gone. Juju could also be the heir apparent to AB and he has proven production. WRs in Dynasty are pretty huge and shipping away JuJu could haunt you when Conner is done. You’re also risking Conner not getting the job for some reason even though he probably will. All that said I would probably go for it myself. The upside is huge.