Juju for Kupp and Hockenson

Someone in my league is saying they are trying to do me a favor by trading me that pair for my Ju Ju. He said its also cause he has Big Ben and wants that stack. Is this even worth considering? He also claims that Kupp can be about the same as Ju Ju production wise (which I do not believe).

My WRs: Dede, Robby Anderson, Jarvis Landry
My TEs: Eifert, Walker

That’s one of the most week 1 trades I have ever seen. Walker is a fine TE and Hockenson while he clearly shows promise is still a risk. Also Kupp Has a chance to be at best a low end wr1, his more probable finish is as a WR2. Juju is a potential number 1 overall receiver and at worst a low end WR1.

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those were my thoughts, he is trying to fleece me for sure