Juju for Nick Chubb?!?

Who wins this trade?

Whats the format? And im giving a week or two to make a ROS value call on Juju not knowing how Rudolph is gonna feed him.

Format is full ppr and I know I definitely don’t wanna give up on juju, but I’m in serious need of an rb and I’m pretty solid at receiver. My wrs are: Juju, Godwin, Kupp, tyrell Williams and mike williams
My RBs: bell, James white, Jordan Howard, Mattison. So extremely thin at rb. I do have other offers as well, juju for josh jacobs and juju for Aaron Jones

Well Chubb for Juju is a pretty fair deal in PPR, so if you like your depth without juju, go for it.

Would you do this instead, juju for Curtis Samuel and Kerryon Johnson?

How do you feel about the offer for Aaron jones? I’m in a similar situation (half ppr) where I’m looking to shop juju for a rb and I think I can get either Chubb or jones

In regards to Chubb vs Jones, I’d much rather have Chubb. The LaFleur quote about wanting to even up touches between Jones and Williams is not a good sign for Jones’ upside.

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