JuJu for Thielen(Straightup) yay or nay

got offered JuJU for thielen. do I take this trade?

I am Torn.

I believe Rudolph can do enough for JuJu. Theilen is really good but idk how you can trust that passing game.

Yeah, tough. Seems juju is moved to the slot, so could get more volume for ppr.

Vikings are clearly going run hard first. Tough call here.

Is this a joke? If someone is offering you JJSS for Thielen, you smash and run. How can you be torn lmao

youre not afraid of the new steelers QB?

Does it lower his ceiling? Sure. But he still possesses a 1300 yard single digit TD floor imo.

Also, he looked good with rudolph and I’m personally a believer in rudolph. GOing to be a lot of pass heavy gamescripts for this team. Volume will be there.

Thielen on the other hand will not have any volume.