Juju Garbage

What garbage the Steelers, Rudolph and Juju are now. I honestly think I’d trade Juju for flippin Corey Davis at this point. If it’s more than a 1 yard pass you can just about forget about it in this offense. Sometimes fantasy just plain SUCKS!

well, the silver lining is that Rudolph is getting the ball to his other receivers so hopefully, down the road, Juju will draw less defensive attention. I wouldn’t throw in the towel on him quite yet but ya…his value is tanking hard this game.

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Yea just Uber frustrated…injuries have destroyed my team. Defending champ from last year now I can’t buy a win this year so far.

At this point I am just waiting on them to blow up one week so I can sell him . I should’ve done that last week:/

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funny how I traded thielen for juju straight up. Next week is do or die. against the ravens. ravens has WAY better run D than bengals. Lets see what Rudolph does. NON STOP jet sweeps and DINK and DUNking was pissing me off all night

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Yeah, I’m 1-3 with two receivers that lost their upside week one through no fault of their own (Juju and Dede).

Yea I had Dede too, he’s long gone…