JuJu Goes Where?

So @ffballers my dilemma is amongst my starter WR’s and which one, if any, to bench. They are Tyreek, Fitzgerald, Marvin Jones & JuJu. As of now I have the first 3 starting with JuJu on the bench. However with L Bell not playing these first week(s), I am feeling compelled to start JuJu but I don’t know which player to switch him out with. I’m in a full point PPR w/ 2 WR and 1 Flex spot. And my starting RBs are DJ & McCaffrey w/ Burton at TE. My gut says take out Jones as my Flex but I need some reassurance to boost my confidence to do so.
Thanks in advance!

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I’d replace Jones, He has a lot more to compete with for catches with the RB’s and other WR’s.

In this situation I would revert to playing the matchup though I can’t really discern who to choose between Marvin and Juju.

Marvin vs Jets (Weak Def)
Juju vs Browns (Road Ben @ weak pass def)
Fitz vs Redskins (Josh Norman might cover)
Tyreek vs Chargers (Casey Heyward)

at this point you gotta go with circumstance vs talent.

I’d go tyreek, fitzgerald, and juju. Bell would traditionally get a lot of receiving work, and connor might get some of that. But I think they’ll spread the ball around and juju will benefit from that.

Suppose to rain all game. I’m probably sitting Juju. 80% chance the whole game.

I wouldn’t swap any of those. I’d start all 3 of those guys over JuJu.