JuJu is out!

Had JuJu starting… Now he’s out. I have Robby Anderson and Corey Coleman on the bench, I also picked up Martavius Bryant. Steelers got the easiest D to go up against.

Who should I start in place of JuJu? Bryant, Anderson or Coleman?

I’m in the same boat. I see Martavis having a huge uptick. There’s always the chance everything just goes to Brown though. Robby has a decent matchup as well, Panthers are allowing a lot of TDs to receivers. I lean Bryant.

I’m trying to decide between Bryant, Fitzgerald or Macklin in my Flex?

I’m thinking this is going to end up being a Bell game, I ended up moving Anderson up into my lineup.

Ya I have a feeling Bryant wont get many targets both with Brown and also taking into account the animosity between him and the coaches… I feel like they’ll run the ground game.

Ill keep him on my bench just in case I’m wrong.

Ya imma go with Anderson in place of JuJu.

And I would go with Maclin @godfather