Juju on the wire

Juju hit the waiver wire, should I blow my #1 priority and pick him up? Seems more like a trap for me seeing as my WRs are pretty set. 2 FLEX spot
WR depth looks like this… D Adams, T Lockett, M Evans, R Anderson, AJ Green
I’d have to drop Brees to move Juju to a roster spot with J Allen as my current QB
What should I do?

Hard Pass it’s a trap

Yea I lean trap as well. Looking at Juju’s schedule I can’t see a week I’d prefer to play him instead of my other options. It’s such a hard pass though!

Landmine, avoid if possible. Not that Juju is a bad player or not talented, but his situation stinks and his poor performance is because he is a victim of circumstance.

I would pick him up 100%. Has he performed up to expectation? No, but his ceiling is so much higher than any other waiver claim you will find. There is no way you can leave Juju on waivers, and I guarantee you if you don’t pick him up someone else will. And you’ll regret it. Worst case scenario sit on him when he goes off then trade. Please pick him up.

Schedule looks good, I mean Miami and Indy? Yes please. And Rudolph is coming back.