Juju or Fitzgerald? PPR

Who has more value rest of season? To all you Fitz owners out there, would you give away a safe floor for the name and potential of Juju?

This wasn’t even a valid question 4 weeks ago. Fantasy football is weird!

IDK, with Mason only throwing 2.something in yards on average i would almost lean Fitz for awhile until they learn to target juju more.

help with mine plz

I want to say avoid the NE backfield like the plague but I look at their schedule ROS and it’s JUICY. Sony is somewhat TD dependent but he gets his touches in on a good offense. Unfortunately for your PPR league, none of those touches are receptions.

Lindsay doesn’t seem to have the magic he had last year. He is also in a timeshare but on a much worse offense that will be trailing more often so he will get more receptions.

Sony has a higher ceiling and lower floor. Lindsay is safer. Given your RB corps is already stacked, it probably doesn’t really matter.

Man, I’m a Juju owner and I would give you Juju for Fitz, but I would not trade Fitz for Juju if I was the Fitz owner.

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Same. I’m having such a hard time sitting him this week though and can’t find any takers on him that are willing to give up a WR2.

Julio and Manny Sanders are firmly in my 1 and 2 spots and guys like Dorsett and Mopportunity are just begging to get flexed over him.

Just sit him until he can prove he has value?

If I have a guy I know will get me 10-12 pts or so I think right now I take the safe play. If not I’m playing juju and putting my head in the sand.