Juju or Goodwin

12 Team Full PPR.

One guy ended up with both AB and Juju on his team by accident lol. He wants to get Goodwin from me to pair with his Jimmy G. Technically I’m improving on draft capital but at the same time Juju is, at best, the 2nd target on that team with a chance to be behind Bell in targets. Goodwin is the clear #1 but I don’t qualify Jimmy G as “elite” yet and they have a not-so-great passing schedule this year… I also feel like I could use the upside of “if AB goes down I have a top 3 WR.”

So my question is would you take Juju for Goodwin straight up?

My WRs:
T. Hill
M. Goodwin
E. Sanders
J. Edelman
K. Cole
N. Agholor

I would take juju over goodwin

Goodwin for me. Actual #1 on his team with much, much less competition.

I would keep Goodwin if I was you.

With McKinnon out for the season it looks like Goodwin gets a bump.

I’d take JuJu, no question! He’s the better player (much) on a better offense.