JuJu or Kelce?

10 team, 0.5ppr, redraft

I have the 1.04 pick which ill be using it on McCaffrey or Kamara. My problem is for my second round pick, in which I am usually staring at either Kelce or JuJu. Was wondering who you guys would take in that situation? Take JuJu and hope Ertz or Kittle fall to me or take the shot on Kelce there?

JuJu. Big Ben has been known to force feed his WR1 and JuJu showed success against double coverage last season. The two were seperated by less than 2 fantasy points last season and JuJu is now the go-to guy in PIT. I love Kelce, but you could still get Ertz or Kittle in round 3 possibly. Usually JuJu doesn’t fall that far in the drafts I’ve done, but those have been 12team.

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Kelce. I’m a fan of having top tier tight ends. And I’m bearish on pittsburgh overall. Ben had a career year, and I see regression coming for him and the team as a whole. I would take Kelce here, and AJ or theilen with your 3rd. I’m betting one of them will be there. I’d rather have one of them over JuJu.
Also SF isn’t going to lean as heavily on Kittle with Jimmy G back and all the weapons they’ve added. Philly kinda the same boat, other mouths to feed.

Pick Marlon Mack, lock up 2 dope RB’s

But to answer the questions, Juju. the grab Mark Andrews with your final pick.

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Just see how the draft plays out. Trying to target specific players in that range when the draft hasn’t even started is pointless. You never know how the draft goes or falls. Bet you theres a strong chance that JuJu isn’t even there by then time you get to that pick which would make this whole point moot.


Juju could be the wr#1

I’d be happier with Juju/Ertz v Kelce/Hilton? That sorta combo. Nothing wrong with going Kelce, just see what’s left on the board and where the tier breaks for you.

Late second I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if both of those guys are gone by the time draft season is upon us. Redraft I do lean a little towards Kelce due to not having to worry about his age, but idk. Kelce could put up numbers that are Gronk like for sure with more receptions. JJSS and Kelce basically put up the same numbers last year and while I do think that JJSS being the 1 can help, but the loss of Hill can help Kelce too. I honestly don’t think you can go wrong here so if they are both there when you pick take a look at who you think may come back to you and do the math. Do you want CMC or Kamara/JJSS/Kittle or Ertz if you go TE or Theilen or TY. Or would you rather have CMC or Kamara/Kelce/Theilen or TY. You could throw K Allen in that 3rd round consideration as well. I prefer the CMC/Kelce/Theilen myself

I’d personally take Juju there if he is still available. I love Kelce, but I just can’t give a second round pick on him.

If JuJu is gone by the time it gets to you I would select another RB over Kelce…good luck!

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