JuJu or Kerryon

Team A: JuJu

Team B: Keeryon Johnson and 1.04 2019

In a vacuum I’d rather have JuJu IMO. What does the rest of your roster look like, scoring format and starter requirements?


Agree with @James89

100% Juju for me, here in the off-season, regardless of scoring format and starter requirements.


I’d definitely go Juju as well

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Juju for sure! To compare i traded Juju away for kamara and AB.

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Holy McCaptainpants Batman! You got Alvin Kamara and Antonio Brown for just Juju! What a steal


Yepp it was but the guy i traded with is stacked. In his defense

10man ppr

My Roster QB:Goff, L. Jackson RB: Barkley, Damien Williams, Sony, Kerryon, Guice, R. Freeman, Ballage. WR: OBJ, D. Adams, Diggs, Sheppard, Sutton, C. Samuel, J. Washington
TE: Henry, Burton.

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Really nice trade for you getting JuJu for that price with that roster.

Yeah man trade it! It would indeed be awesome…

Juju all the way!!!

Juju on this one for me.