JuJu or Kerryon?

HELP! Due to scheduling conflicts in my league, we have to draft tonight instead of after preseason Week 3… Do I keep JuJu and lose my 5th round pick, or keep Kerryon and lose my 7th round pick? JuJu I think has potential to be the WR1, but Kerryon is an RB1 with great value. Please help me out!

Depends on league size, but I lean towards JuJu. He’s just got more potential to be the best at his position this year - even though I really like Kerryon. The lower round pick complicates it a little more, but still, I’d rather be sitting with Juju and two more studs after the first 2 rounds than I would with Kerryon.

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I think Juju is more of a sure thing than Kerryon. I love Kerryon but I won’t be shocked to see him finish as an RB2. I don’t see how Juju isn’t a WR1 at the end of the year outside of injury.

Either way you’re keeping a good player at a good value. If you want to keep a RB that makes sense, no one will blame you for that one.

I would go with Juju.

JUJU!!! JuJu…Did I mention Juju?

cheaper cost, and an RB who i expect to be around RB10-12 range with top 5 upside (with some things going in his favor obviously). i keep my wayward son. now, there is still more that needs to be known. like, how many keepers? if you have more than 1, what are your others?

either way, you are not making a bad choice. worst comes to worst, follow your heart and pick who ever you like better.

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I am with @BusterD on this. I am keeping KJ but you are fortunate in that you really cannot choose poorly.