JuJu or Parker FOR Jones Jr?

Been offered Marv Jones Jr for either JuJu or Devante Parker… who would you give up? And are we bought-in on Marv Jones this season? Thanks!

I think you have to sell high on JuJu. He isn’t going to put up monster numbers like he did a few weeks ago. The #2 WR for Big Ben traditionally hasn’t been all that fantasy relevant, Bryant is still there, and Marvin Jones is hot right now. Detroit loves to throw the ball and Jones is leading the team is targets. DeVante Parker has an excellent second half schedule. Hold on to him.

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@ncolie95 That’s very good advice and perspective. And honestly, that’s what I’ve been telling myself, but I just look at the matchups for JuJu vs. Marv going forward and JuJu’s looks soooo juicy by comparison lol - especially in my playoff Weeks 15 & 16 (vs. NE, @ HOU).

I do agree… between the two, I think Parker is the better bet for volume on an offense that will likely be playing from behind a lot. His injury history and Smokin’ Jay are a bit disconcerting.

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I agree with @ncolie95. Martavis looks like he is coming back into good graces with the team and Juju is the #3 option as of right now behind Bell and Brown. Meanwhile, Miami has a new spark to their offense and i think Gase is going to try and do everything in his power to put up big numbers to get his team and owners to buy in. That combined with their good schedule makes me want to hold Parker. Marvin Jones looks like the real deal in Detroit and with the Abdullah express falling apart and them not having many good options at RB, I think it will pass all game every game.


@Forty9Giants More great points. Thank you and @ncolie95 both very much! I’m going to go ahead and try to make this trade happen!

The Jones owner also has Kamara (whom I really want), but I doubt he gives him up. Considering offering Howard & JuJu for Kamara & Jones, though. Any thoughts on that?


Howard & JuJu for Kamara & Marv Jones Jr.

Sorry, yes Marvin Jones. I blanked for some reason. I think that depends on your current RB situation. Howard’s workload is unmatched, but he’s capped by his low TD rate. Kamara still has to split with Ingram but he’s putting up some impressive numbers.


My current roster consists of:

QB: Dak, Cousins
WR: Jeffery, Parker, JuJu, Davis, Sanu
RB: Howard, Hunt, Mixon
TE: Ertz, Henry

I agree with you regarding Howard’s volume, but I do see him getting game-scripted out of more games than Kamara would. Howard has two games against Detroit and one against Philly in the next 6 weeks - all of which I think are going to be Chicago playing-from-behind games. Idk… it’s a tough call as you said.

It is a tough call. Being a Bears fan, I love Howard. The Bears defense has been solid so I don’t know that they will be in too many negative game scripts. Definitely against the Eagles, but against the Lions, not so much. Especially if the Bears start with the ball. They will feed Howard until he drops. I also don’t know how to feel about Mixon. We keep waiting for him to explode but we haven’t seen it happen yet. If you really love Kamara, I would do the trade. But ideally I think you stick with your RBs and just do the original Juju for Jones trade.

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Made the JuJu for Marv Jones trade! Thanks again @ncolie95 !

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