JuJu or T. Hill HPPR

I’m sitting with the 8th pick in a 12-team HPPR league 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2FLEX. In all the mocks I’ve done, I usually target one of top WRs unless D. Johnson drops to me at 8 (probably won’t happen). So I will get one of Nuk/Adams/Julio and with my 2nd pick I am usually choosing between JuJu or T. Hill and I’m torn.

Who would you prefer?

Juju. Not close for me.

Is this dynasty or redraft? My answer doesn’t change but just curious. In dynasty I think JJSS wins by a mile. If it’s redraft, it’s a lot closer and really depends on your team composition, especially given half ppr. If your team can support that boom/bust of Hill, could consider taking him.

I picked out of 1.10 in my home league (HPPR, SF) this past weekend and took OBJ with my first pick to stack with Baker who I have as a 14th round keeper. On the turn, took JJSS easily. Hill was taken before me but even if Hill was there, probably would’ve taken JJSS.

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It’s redraft. I agree in dynasty I’d go JJSS. In redraft I think the fact that Hill could have just a monster season with Mahomes is what interests me. I agree that I don’t see him still being there in the actual draft because KC players are getting scooped up EARLY.

thats tough, cause there are concerns about juju not hacking it as the pure 1. i dont have those concerns, not really but you do have to wonder. and then you just have to wonder about all the juicy potential of the chiefs offense and what hill means to it. i dont think you are making the wrong choice either way. so it comes down to, what do you prefer? juju would be the guy i go for if i want a little more stability in my life. someone im confident will get me 10+ points in HPPR a week. tyreek on the other hand, is the guy i go for if i dont mind 5 or less points a few weeks, to get those big 20, 30, 40 point game winning weeks from him.

The JJSS not being able to cut it as a WR1 is pretty bogus analysis. Assumes that the kid hasn’t improved at all season over season which isn’t true. He’s 22 and has achieved more than any other WR at that age. He’s arguably the best age adjusted WR of all time. And we have a couple limited datapoints for when AB was not there and JJSS still balled out. Honestly I’d be comfortable taking JJSS as my WR1 in dynasty right now. Just took him at the top of the 2nd round to pair with OBJ in my home league feel great about that floor.

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In this situation i think i’m going JUJU.

I did a draft with Similar situation. I think maybe you can get like Dalvin Cook in round 2 and i personally would prefer that over either of them BUT JUJU in this example

Dalvin Cook wouldn’t be bad, although I think I’ll end up going JuJu. My league I’m in tends to go RB heavy the first 2 rounds and if I can scoop up 2 elite WRs when they’re picking RBs that may be the strategy I’ll most likely go for. So I’m expecting for Cook to not be available. Honestly, Mixon is more likely to be there than Cook in this league.