Juju over Green?

I’m on a 4 game losing streak coming in to this week in a standard league. I’m looking to start two WR this week and my flex will probably be RB. I’m thinking of starting Juju at home but need some advice.

How should I mix up this lineup?

Dez Bryant
JuJu Smith-Schuster

Chris Thompson

AJ Green
Julio Jones
Keenan Allen

Ugh… the fact you are on a 4 game losing streak with Green, Jones, and Bryant hurts my fantasy heart.

Anyway, who are all of these players against this week?

I would start Julio in this matchup. No Sherman on him. Could be a shootout.

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I prefer Julio over Juju and Green, personally. Seattle’s DEF is much weaker without Sherman. I think Dez will be fine. Green against DEN is very tough. I think I’d start Dez & Julio, Flex Juju, if it were my team


I agree with @hurricanetht

Thanks for the advise guys!

I just accepted a trade for DeVante Parker and ended up letting Keenan Allen and one more go. For the cost of the trade, I think this was in my favor.

Adding Parker to the mix, would you start him this week over JuJu in the flex spot? I don’t think I want to start both JuJu and Parker.

Julio, Dez and choice of JuJu @Home or Parker @TB.

I’d play Parker over Juju

Hope you went with Parker…I went with JuJu over him last night. Wish I could change it now.

Ended up running Parkera and squeezing by with the W!