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JuJu Owners


Are you at all concerned about his production this week?


I expect him to be productive but by no means do I think he is going to ball out against the Ravens in Baltimore.


He could have a slow day or he could explode. Either way, he is locked in the lineup.


you would still play him over john brown?


Brown is your floor and Juju your ceiling. I’d find a way to have him in my lineup, even if In the flex. Hey this is my first week with juju on roster tho so I’m riding a high.


I have julio as my other wideout and I have too many good RB to replace them with a WR


Good luck sir


I picked him up two weeks back, am not super impressed with him just yet but I’m expecting he could pop any time.

The tricky thing is my WR depth, with JuJu / Kupp / K. Allen / M. Jones / Sutton it’s tricky to play him every week.


you have a better WR lineup


Damn trade one of those WRs away and make Juju a weekly starter.


Ended up sending JuJu/Cohen/Engram off to trade for Julio and Njoku. Feels like a good move for me