JuJu package?

So I just traded Yeldon and Ridley for JuJu. I am wondering, with the options below, if I could package JuJu with one of them potentially get a high end RB2? Or would I be overstepping? TRADING BLOCK: Tyler Boyd, Lamar Miller, Tevin Coleman, Muhammad Sanu, Geronimo Allison.

Juju and Miller can be the closest package that will allow you to pull it off but I don’t see you getting a high end RB2 for it. If you’re able to find a 1-4 team who lacks WR depth you maybe be able to get something close to it

Juju is a Wr1 or atleast fringe so far this year… please tell me why u think u want a rb2 for him. He’s in a high powered offense who puts up points which is what u want and he’s seeing 25% of target share. U got a gift don’t ruin it by trading him.

Because I ruin all good things. That’s why I need help from people with some sanity haha.

I guess I’ve always placed tons of value into RBs. Never thought a WR corp could carry me to the promised land. But Thielen, Davantae, and JuJu just might be able to do that…

Shoot for an RB1. Anything less and you’re moving backwards.

Yup Juju is a stud. I’ve been trying to get him from a guy who is 1-4 in my league but he won’t budge.
I’ve offered him any 2 players from: Hyde, Aaron Jones, Breida, K Cole, C Davis, C Thompson and Baldwin. Pick any 2, I just want Juju. He won’t give in. God dammit.